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I just had to relabel 93 audio book tracks. And it turns out I went straight from 30 to 40, without putting in 31, 32, etc. Not sure how I did that. And I didn't notice until right before I finished. The things will still all play in order though, so I can't decide whether to bother being anal about it and changing all the track names from 31-93 or not. -_- I think NOT for tonight, at least.
Lauren: ...
Lauren: I'm amused by what I'm about to do
Sarah: O.o
Sarah: What are you about to do?
Lauren: -poops on your nachos-
Sarah: OH MY GOD
Lauren: XDDD

Though now that I think about it, you're really not going to understand this exchange unless you know that Lauren and I play farmville and when we're fertilizing our neighbors' crops we call it "pooping" and that farmville has an April Fool's day thing I really don't understand where you can grow nachos as a crop. XD

Maybe I should have just not explained.
OMG virused. XD That sucked ass. Huge virus attack last night from a megaupload popup. And I was totally freaking out and Nate was mad at me since it was on his computer. XD But I think I got rid of all of it and it doesn't seem to have caused any unfixable problems. I just posted a hijack this log in the pc pitstop forums so they can make sure the computer is completely clean. In the meantime, we're just not doing anything with sensitive material on here. Not that we do very often anyway.

It's neat to read the threads in the hijack this log forum area on the pc pitstop forums. But they say pretty clearly that each fix is customized and you shouldn't use the advice on someone else's thread for your own computer if you don't seriously know what you're doing. I totally don't understand half the logs. XD

Renee and I are making cheesecake tomorrow! And eating it on Tuesday! Yay cheesecake! Nate needs to finish playing his game soon so we can do some packing. :o
Cold and sleepy. And seriously, what is up with me having so much trouble sleeping lately? O.o It's not just that I've got my sleep schedule mixed up, it's not being able to sleep a lot of the time, or only sleeping for a couple hours. :o Oh well, I'll take a sleeping pill tonight and hopefully a couple nights of that will solve the problem.

Need to work on my fingerless gloves tonight. :D I should at least be able to finish one cuff, and hopefully start on the second one. And then I can pick up the stitches for the glove part next time. I really hate picking up stitches. XD

I'm running out of Agatha Christie and Ngaio Marsh books to read. -_- And I've read all the ones I own a bazillion times. Luckily, since I have a brain like a sieve, I still forget who did it and how sometimes. And even when I remember, the craftsmanship of the books (especially Agatha Christie's), is so lovely, that I don't mind anyway.

Okies, it's freezing cold in here. Nate always wants his window open at night lately, and while I'm okay with that when I'm under a blanky, it's not so good when I'm sitting at his computer with bare feet. XD Back to bed. Maybe now I'll be able to sleep. I've been lying there reading for awhile now.
O.O Still awake. O.O Lame.

But I've packed up a couple more boxes of stuff and gone through the massive pile of clothes that always piles up in my closet. XD Folded stuff that didn't belong there and put it away. And I looked around for the monies I lost in my room, but still can't find them. ;_; Frustrating. I know they're in there somewhere!

And I'm missing a pair of pants. Not sure how that happened. I may ask Nate to poke around his parents' house and see if they got left in the garage last time he took a load of laundry over there (well, not last time, because he took over a bag of his work clothes to wash last week, but the time before, which was a couple weeks ago, but I really don't remember how long these pants have been missing). I'm hoping that if they're not there they're somewhere here and they've got my two $10 in the pocket. :o They're black pants, and I have tons of black clothes, so it's not THAT weird that they're missing, but I looked through my box of sweaters and fairly thoroughly over near my bed, and in the pants drawer, and in the basket of laundry. Which I really think is the next thing I should clean up... Most of it's folded already since Nate was nice enough to fold the basket of laundry when I was cleaning on Thursday night in case my dad came over. XD

Did I ever mention how that went? I finally was able to call him back and he said he was super busy while he was in Oakland (he does reviews for Head Start programs all over the US and this time of year is constantly travelling), but would try to get done with work early on Friday and come down to at least see me for an hour or two, since we hadn't seen each other in about four years. And so on Thursday I did some cleaning and stuff and Friday morning I took a shower early in the morning, so I wouldn't miss his call. And then instead of calling before he left Oakland he just drove down and called from Walmart. XD It was awful, I was sitting there in my robe without any makeup on and I still had to brush my teeth and I'd planned to do some more cleanup in the morning before he got here. But he'd left Oakland way earlier than I'd expected too. So I gave him the apartment number and rushed into clothes and moved some of the stuff in Nate's room out of the way and pulled my blanket up to half make my bed; XD And brushed my teeth and put on lip balm.

And five minutes later he called and I'd given him the wrong apartment number. -_- Not on purpose! I gave him mom's apartment number (though she doesn't live in these apartments). I guess because I'm used to giving it to the people at the pharmacy, and I'm more used to typing our apartment number. So I walked down and met him and he came up to see the apartment and gave me a bag of groceries leftover from his visit and I put them away. And then we went to lunch and it was really hard for me to choose a restaurant, because I don't usually go to restaurants, certainly not in Marina much. And he wouldn't tell me a price range or a type of food or anything. We ended up at My Thai or D'anna Thai Restaurant or whatever it's called now. And they haven't changed the cook, so it was awesome. We sat on the patio there since it was so nice out that day. I got the BBQ Thai chicken (my favorite) and dad got the yellow curry. And the food was good and quite cheap (though now that I think of it, last time dad took me out to lunch the restaurant was a pretty expensive one out on the Wharf, so I don't think he cared much about the price), and dad really liked it too. Luckily he likes Thai food. :o And we talked and then we went to the beach and stood looking at the waves (he says he doesn't have anything like that in Alaska). And there were lots of people on the beach, which surprised me, but I guess it wasn't that surprising since it was a Friday and the weather was really beautiful and warm. And he called Joy and had me talk to her. And they own three pugs and Groucho now.

Oh, and I found out that dad doesn't KNOW Sarah Palin, but he has seen her in the grocery store. O.O

And then we came back here and dad brought up his laptop and we looked at over 250 pictures of his 8 day floating carribou hunt. XD And then he left to go back to Oakland for his flight. I always forget there's an airport in Oakland. But he reminded me that we flew out to Arizona from it once. I think that was the trip when Grandad died, but I didn't want to ask.

Anyway, it was a good visit and I didn't have to panic like I did. :D

And now I'm packing even though I still don't know for sure if and when we're moving. -_- NEED MORE BOXES. I saved a lot, but we also got rid of a ton. -_- Nate kept telling me not to save any, that dummy. I need him to start looking out book boxes for me for sure. But if I'm still up when the sun goes up (and I think I will be), I'll go out on the balcony and check the boxes in the storage there. But we're going to have more than 20 book boxes alone. -_- So crazy. And then probably at least half a dozen DVD boxes. And who knows how many random crap boxes. And I have no clue how to transport my bath and shower stuff. And I need to figure out how to pack up my makeup securely so pressed powder things won't break.

But if we DO move to the two bedroom apartment it'll be more convenient when we have houseguests (which so far has just been Stray and Sirja XD). And a living room would be awfully nice for company too. At some point we might be able to get a couch and coffee table. :o Not that we drink coffee. But wouldn't that be handy for playing cards? Not that we ever play cards or board games anymore ;_;

I believe today is my shower day. I'm almost done with my Boot's shower gel! Yay. It's a bit more of a manly smell than I like. I'm also almost done with my Sunsilk anti-poof shampoo. And I finished a couple conditioners recently. And a couple lotions and a body butter. And a lip balm. Oh, and a bubble bath a couple weeks ago and a 4oz one last night. The little one was quite a good bubble bath. It smelled like green apple candy and gave lots of bubbles. Currently, I'm using a bottle of super expensive body wash as bubble bath. XD I have two big bottles I got super cheap, and it makes reeeeeeeeeeally superlative bubble bath. Tons of really long lasting bubbles with a great fresh lemony scent. I love it. <3

I'm working on crop masteries in farmville right now. I've got eggplant, soybean, daffodil, strawberry, and artichoke. And just recently I got cranberry and grape. In a couple hours I'll have carrots. And then I'm a bit over halfway done with morning glories. I'm plugging away at watermelons and just started acorn squash. Acorn squash is going to take forever, but I really like the sign. -_- I need to choose another crop to replace the carrots now. I like to keep one crop that takes a long time to grow (watermelons are 4 days), and three faster ones. I might start sunflowers. Are acorn squash counted as vegetables or fruits? I'm working on the vegetables ribbon, but vegetables tend to take longer than fruits or flowers, so I don't plant them as much. I need to remember to check next time I harvest acorn squash. Which isn't for about 10 hours.

I've been getting some nice prizes from the allure giveaways lately. I got Pureology hair serum, Victoria's Secret perfume, Rimmel bronzer, and an Aveeno set. Sadly, I'm not expecting anything else for awhile. XD I've done horribly the last couple months, since the website was having problems. -_- So lame. It's been nice to try the stuff though. I don't get how the Pureology serum is "lightweight". It seems thicker than most serums I've used before. The perfume is really nice. And so is the bronzer. And the Aveeno kit is nice, but I'm always afraid of using new stuff on my face. XD

I did get a bottle of Cetaphil for $.47 cents the other day (I had a $5 off coupon), and using that in the morning and something stronger at night seems to be working nicely. I like the Cetaphil a lot. It's the daily one, not the gentle one. But I feel it is quite gentle on my skin, but leaves it nice and clean. And it smells like baby shampoo. :o I need to get back into the habit of washing my brushes out and changing my pillow cases more frequently again though. -_-

And I have laundry to do today. Oh, yay, I think it's light enough out for me to go get those boxes now. I wonder how long I'll stay up before I have to take a nap. I hope I get a lot done today since tonight is my last night before Nate comes back. I might see if he wants to stay over with his mom on Thursday night too. It's easier to pack when he's not around, since I can use his room and don't have to listen to him get grumpy because I make noise or hurt myself or have trouble with things. It's not like I TRY to have difficulties or hurt myself. Why should he get annoyed? I think he just likes getting annoyed at everything. :o

I have a secret. I'm currently defrosting a tri-tip. And I will cook some of it while Nate's not here. :o I want meats! Last night I had frozen eggrolls for dinner since we were RPing and I didn't want to take time out to go cook an actual meal. The other night I did make italian chicken and potato wedges...that was yummy. Anyway, this is long. Gonna go get the boxes.
Boxes of books are heavy.

I just packed up a couple boxes of manga and when I went to pick them up it hurt. -_- Plus they squished my fingers. I need more book size boxes. And I should start packing a few boxes of random things too, to get them out of the way. It sucks not being sure WHEN we might be moving or even if we are for sure. I don't want to get too much packed up and then find out we're not moving or at least not moving for a couple months or something. Blah.

And I don't know where to PUT the boxes once they're packed. -_-


Great many jellybeans,
Feel like I'll probably barf,
And I still can't sleep.

Reading a murder,
About a trashy band guy,
Shot with a dart thing.

My bed is comfy,
And I've lots of aminals,
I should go to bed.

So I found out from writing my haiku--Nate fart--that I'm inclined towards writing six syllable sentences. Weird. I just contstantly found myself coming up with sentences with six syllables, and then trying to shorten or lenthen them out. -_- Tomorrow I need to dig the book size boxes out of the storage thing and pack up the rest of my Japanese manga and get a start on the giant bookshelf in my room.

Seriously, far too many starburst sour jellybeans. ;_; Barfity barf.
...apparently I wasn't supposed to tell people that we might be moving. So forget about it. :o And don't talk about it, please. I dunno why. O.o

Dude, this whole not being able to sleep thing is driving me crazy. It's hard to get stuff done when your brain is mush and you feel like crap. And I've got a bunch to do today. -_-

Everyone knows that ponies paint the polar bears white

Ponies make you cry if they stand on you

Ponies make boys have to pee after they have gone for a long ride

Ponies make girls comb their hair because when they were little they had my little ponies and they would always comb their hair, so now they just comb their own hair

Ponies make celebrities look stupid when they fall on them

Normal people look like celebrities when they ride round on ponies in downtown LA, coz only a celebrity would have a pony in down town LA

Ponies make pancakes turn brown because they dont like them green

Ponies make champagne bubble by the complex process of carbonation (please refer to wikipedia for more details)

If you squeeze a pony with two bulldozers, it will pop

If you look at a pony the wrong way, they will sit on you, and make you pop."

*cracking up* I saw this riddle thing on facebook and I was thinking water, though I really have no idea what it really is, so I googled and that was one of the answers. XD The one that makes more sense that someone said was pressure, but I don't see how kindergartners would come up with that, so I still think water.

Or it looks like it might be "time" since there's a poem that talks about all that stuff and it's about time.

People are still saying pressure, but seriously? Five year olds? I think they'd guess ponies before they'd guess pressure. Speaking of ponies, we read a bunch of Penny Arcade tonight. Oddly enough, the "Barbie Horse Adventure!" is one of my favorites...

Oh, and the reason I'm still up is I have a super bad headache. Can't sleep.

I caught up. And the next chapter won't be out for 3-4 weeks.